But first, let me thank God!

Hey cousins, let me introduce myself. My name is Deena and I am from the D, Detroit, MI (Eastside). I was raised by the most amazing person I’ve known, my GRANDmom. She took me in when I was about 4 years old and raised me as her own. Although, she is no longer here in the physical I know she got her wings and is watching over me everyday. I hope that I’ve made her proud!

Cousin, did y’all grandma have that furniture in her house you couldn’t sit on? Like, It’s literally a couch and four chairs in here but we can only sit on 3 out of the 5. In case you didn’t know which ones were available, sit anywhere you don’t see plastic, lol. Oh, and don’t you put nothing on that coffee table...you better drink that in the kitchen!

I am a mother and a wife. I pray, hustle, listen to ratchet music. I repeat those steps daily. I’ve always had a creative spirit. I love to decorate, design things and now I’m getting into gardening (a little bit).

Ever since I’ve lived on my own. I’ve had a passion for candles. Purchasing them that is! It’s just something about a great smelling home and MAN...oh sorry I digress, lol. Those two things are just favorites of mine (smile).

I’ve always been a homebody, an introvert, a person in the background. I’ve been existing for so long! I just want to be seen. I want to live life unapologetically...no regrets till God calls me home.

Life is about lessons and if 2020 didn’t teach you any I’m just gonna start praying for you now. It brought along so many challenges and obstacles. But some other things it brought about for me was the shift from surviving to living...greater ambition and drive. From moving all of the employees from my corporate job safely to work from home, to losing so many beautiful people, I had to find ways to shield my mental health. I began longing for and recognizing there is a greater plan for my life.

While I usually like to take the easier route to things and simply purchase my candles from big box stores. I realized that, although the candle smelled good, it just didn’t match my decor in my home. That is important to me. I want a candle that is worthy of the “room you don’t touch”. I also thought, what the heck is in this candle? What am I breathing in? Is it safe?

In the midst of launching my mobile bartending business @poshpotionsmobilebar, my sister purchased me a DIY candle making kit, and things just morphed out of control. Next thing I knew I’m scrolling Instagram, Google, YouTube, joining Facebook groups, and filling up my home with inventory. But it was just something different about this “candle thing”. I just couldn’t put my finger on it at first. Then I noticed that after a long week of the “corporate life”, instead of turning to a nice bottle of Tequila, I decided to pour a candle instead. Who knew that this was so therapeutic. Who knew the joy of creating something so simple that smelled so good would become a way to relieve the stress and pressure I was undertaking at the time. But baby, don’t get it twisted, making these candles definitely has a science to it. When I got it right, it felt like God shined a little light on me.

I’ve been trying to listen to God through this process, every step of the way. You know, he has the Holy Spirit speak to me every now and then to keep me on the right track. I’ve been waiting for him to tell me, “Deena, stop doing this, this is not in my plan for you, this is not going to help you break generational curses”. You know what? I haven’t heard it yet!

So here I am: Posh Potions Candle Bar! I hope it brings you as much satisfaction as it brings to me.

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